How we
manage money

We believe that the best way to manage your money is through an established process, which allows us to give simple, clear recommendations on what is best for you and your family. It’s the way we have been helping clients to achieve their financial goals for over 50 years and, though some of the methods have changed, we still believe it’s the best way to help you to get to where you want to be.

Along the way, we take account of as many options as possible, including our dedication to ethical investments, spearheaded by our Managing Director Graham Prest, who takes particular interest in ethical and green investments. We realise that these things can be important to you, so we make sure we have all of the options available to us

Prest also believe that money management should encompass all elements of your financial situation to be truly successful, which is why we advise on elements such as protection.

Our approach takes careful account of your current life situation as well as your attitude to risk and we use advanced risk and cashflow tools to help us to decide appropriate investment strategies at every stage of your professional life and well into retirement.

All of this information is shared and discussed with you at every stage, as we work closely with you to help you to reach your financial goals.