Our financial
planning process

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Our work helping people to plan for their financial futures follows a clear
and established 4 step process, which helps you to see exactly what we’re doing at every
stage and how what we’re doing is helping you to move towards your personals goals.

1 First Meeting

Discuss your financial circumstances and objectives, getting a clear idea of what your financial future looks like to you.

Agree on the service levels you require.

Assess how much risk you want to take.

Agree on a time-frame for the work to be carried out.

Discuss the charging options for the work we will be carrying out.

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2 Post Meeting Work

Notes issued summarising circumstances and objectives

Confirmation of work expected costs and how this is going to be paid for

Thorough research into areas of advice needed

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3 Subsequent Meetings

Presentation of findings and recommendations

Discuss risks involved

Agree implementation of advice

Establish regular review dates

Ensure satisfaction of services provided

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4 Ongoing Services

Our services normally involve agreeing in advance the frequency of future review meetings and where and when these are going to take place (usually one, two or four meetings per annum where practical held at our offices)

Regular revaluation of portfolio and wealth under our influence

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