What we do

It all starts with a conversation…

Our role in helping you to plan for your financial future follows a clear and established process but it all starts with a conversation. You need to be sure we are right for you and it’s important that we’re clear on how we can help you. Take a look at our video below which explains a little more about our approach to financial planning.

It’s when we first meet that you’ll gain more of an understanding of how we work. If you choose to work with us we’ll take the time to understand your unique circumstances and situation. We’ll spend the time with you to establish your goals and needs. It’s not just about achieving financial goals,it’s also about understanding what you want out of life, so that we can help you make the most of your money.

Our services are about helping you both now and over the longer term. Our role is to ensure that as your circumstances change so does your financial plan. We’ll build a long term relationship that ensures your financial peace of mind.

We also believe that investing money should be done through an established process. Providing you with the confidence that your financial future is in safe hands. Our approach takes careful account of your current situation and your attitude to investment risk. Using advanced risk and cash flow tools helps us to create the most appropriate investment strategies at every stage of life, supporting our continued commitment to your financial well being.

1 Your peace of mind

In October 2012, Prest were awarded the much coveted Corporate Chartered Status. The title of Chartered Financial Planners (awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute) is given to relatively few firms in our industry and is a public declaration that the firm is of the highest quality, signifying that the business and its staff are governed by a strict Code of Ethics. The Chartered title is an ongoing commitment to an overall standard of excellence and professionalism and Prest continue to be extremely proud of our Chartered status.

Top 100 UK Financial Advisory Firms 2013

In November 2013 we were named by leading industry publication New Model Adviser (NMA) as being one of the Top 100 advisory firms in the country, after a substantial analysis process, which featured reviews by leading auditors. At the time, NMA editor Daniel Grote commented that the firms listed were the UK firms currently ‘at the top of their game’.

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2 Our typical advice process

Initial meeting

The Prest Financial Planning structure offers a variety of advice services which will be discussed with you at our initial meeting.

We aim to provide our clients with clear financial direction and the purpose of our first meeting is to obtain as much information as possible relating to your personal financial circumstances and objectives.

At the outset we will discuss with you the ongoing service options that we can provide and agree from the remuneration options available (including flat fees, hourly costs, performance based remunerations and annual advice fees) and discuss how Prest Financial Planning are paid for the work they will be carrying out on your behalf.

First meeting

  • Discuss your financial circumstances and objectives
  • Assess how much risk you want to take
  • Agree on the service levels you require
  • Agree on a time-frame for the work to be carried out

Post meeting work

  • Notes issued summarising circumstances and objectives
  • Confirmation of work/expected costs and how this is going to be paid for
  • Research into areas of advice needed

Subsequent meetings

  • Presentation of findings/recommendations
  • Discuss risks involved
  • Agree implementation of advice
  • Establish regular review dates
  • Ensure satisfaction of services provided
  • Establish if there are other friends, family or colleagues who might benefit from the services we offer

Ongoing services

  • Our services normally involve agreeing in advance the frequency of future review meetings and where and when these are going to take place (usually one, two or four such meetings per annum where practical, held at our offices)
  • Regular evaluation of portfolio/wealth under our influence

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3 Our investment process

The Prest Financial Planning investment process is designed to provide our clients with a level of risk and return to match their needs and objectives.

In the long term, more adventurous investments tend to provide higher returns than cautious investments but clients are rightly concerned with the amount an investment might go down in the short term.
We have created a range of 5 portfolios designed to suit clients’ different attitudes to risk from defensive to adventurous.

Our aim is to minimise the risk over a twelve month period for the defensive portfolio and to steadily increase the risk and therefore possible returns through our other portfolios.

Different asset types such as shares, property and bonds will react in different ways to changes in the economy of the UK and the world in general. We select top performing funds in each asset group and structure the proportions of them to suit the risk profile for each portfolio.

We review our portfolios each quarter to adjust holdings in funds where the scope for gains is reduced or the potential for falls has increased. By adapting our portfolios to changing economic conditions we have successfully provided clients with better returns than from the traditional “managed funds”.

Some clients will need investment and tax planning solutions which fall outside our portfolios and for them we can advise on various specialist investments to suit most needs. Other clients may not have investments large enough to use one of our portfolios and for them we would select a generalist fund or funds.

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