Introducing… Ashley Baker

At work When did you join Prest?  July 2017. What is your role here?  I’m a Financial Planner. How would you explain what you do for a living to an eight-year-old? I look after the pennies for the bank of Mum and Dad. What has been your proudest moment while working for Prest? Having the

What is cash flow planning and why does it matter to you?

Cash flow modelling sits at the heart of modern financial planning. It is something to which we are committed at Prest because we believe it plays an irreplaceable role in making it possible to have genuinely informed conversations about virtually all aspects of a client’s financial future. At Prest we use a sophisticated software system

Chief Executive’s blog June 2019

In recent blogs I have looked at the importance to our business of Family and Integrity. In this month’s article I am going to explore the role of another of Prest Financial Planning’s core values: “Transparency”. We are, as a business, committed to be easy to do business with and to ensure our dealings with

Checklist for the new tax year

The new tax year began on 6 April. This has a number of implications for the various forms of tax relief and allowance from which you could benefit. Any allowances that you used up in full during 2018/19 have now been reset and you can begin using them again. But what if you did not

Chief Executive’s blog April 2019

In my last blog I wrote about Prest’s primary core value, which is “family”. This time I want to concentrate on another value that underlies everything we do as a firm: “integrity”. We summarise this value in the following way: “We are committed to bringing the highest standards of trust, professionalism and knowledge to bear