Introducing…. Financial Planner Ian Drew

What was your first job? My first full-time job was supposedly as an architectural technician for a firm of shop fitters. In reality I never got near a drawing board or set square – I was sent onto the shop floor and spent a year sweeping floors! I did learn a lot from watching several talented joiners during my time there, so if you need a staircase building just give me a shout.

What is your go-to karaoke song? This one is easy, It would be “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin or “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis.

What’s the best gift you have ever received? My memory is not the best when it comes to things like this but what springs to mind immediately is a gift from my wife for my 50th birthday. Being a life-long fan of Huddersfield Town football club, Jo spoke with one the directors of the club whom we knew and they planned a little surprise. I was invited into the boardroom for a match day where we had a meal with the directors and watched the game from the directors box.

As it happened that was a day when the England manager Gareth Southgate decided to watch a game at Huddersfield. Gareth sat next to my wife for the meal and then ended up sitting behind us to watch the match. Gareth got more than he bargained for with both the Huddersfield Chairman and myself getting a little carried away with ourselves as we won 3-1. Later that night “Match of the Day” showed the highlights of the game, zooming in at one point to show Gareth Southgate in attendance. Needless to say he was slightly obscured by a rather animated giddy fan!

What is the best concert you have attended? I’ve never been a real lover of big concerts, although I have to admit that the current 80’s Rewind festivals are great fun but exhausting. Smuggling alcohol into the arena is always a highlight!

But to answer the question it has to be watching Jimmy Somerville back in the late 80s at the Hacienda: such an intimate venue and it was a fab night.

What’s your favourite place in the world? We absolutely love going to the Caribbean in January. After what is always a hectic December Jo and I love to go and lie on a beach and do absolutely nothing other than stroll up down the shoreline taking the views. We tend to visit the Punta Cana area of the Dominican Republic, however Saint Lucia possibly just beats it.

What was the last book you read? Probably one of my biggest weaknesses is that I’ve never been a lover of reading books, I would always prefer to listen to music. So I guess it would have to be a book about dragons that I used to read to my children when they were little. The book was brought for me by my teacher when I was about seven and my mum used to read it to me!

What are you passionate about? Well besides my family and football I guess the next thing has to be my alter ego, music and the parties/events that go with it. A lot of energy, time, effort and money go into all of this and I know I drive Jo bonkers with it.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be? It would either have to be reading music or being able to speak another language. I’m terrible at trying to learn languages, just ask my French teacher, she tried for three years. Bizarrely she became a client some 20 years later!

What was the first thing you ever bought with your own money, and was the worst thing you ever bought? I do remember saving up my pocket money and walking up to Marple record centre with my eldest sister. I would have been around five at the time and I bought a record called, “Hello Hello I’m Back Again”. The record is still in my collection – those of a certain age will understand why we don’t mention the artist concerned!

My worst purchase? That could be a long list – however I did once ask my dad to transfer money over from my bank account to a shop in Faliraki, Rhodes, where I was on a lads holiday in 1985. I bought what can only be described as a hideous monstrosity of a leather jacket – I looked completely ridiculous, but then again I did for most of my teens/early 20s!

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