Chief Executive’s blog June 2019

Prest's core values: Transparency

Graham Prest, Chief Executive, Prest Financial PlanningIn recent blogs I have looked at the importance to our business of Family and Integrity. In this month’s article I am going to explore the role of another of Prest Financial Planning’s core values: “Transparency”.

We are, as a business, committed to be easy to do business with and to ensure our dealings with clients are always as straightforward and as simple to understand as possible.

In practical terms our commitment to transparency means you should always clearly understand the following:

– The level of investment risk you are taking, and what this means in terms of likely potential volatility and returns.

– What the different financial products are that we have implemented for you, and why they were selected.

– The costs, in terms of Prest’s charges and any fees levied by product providers.

– The benefits you derive in return for incurring those costs.

– The tax implications of any decisions on which we advise you.

– Your current overall financial position.

– Where you stand in relation to your long-term financial goals and aspirations.

We are committed always to do our best to ensure you have a full, clear picture of your financial affairs and the role we play in managing them. This is an area in which your feedback can also be very important.

Different clients come to us with different levels of understanding of, and interest in, financial planning. What can for one individual appear cursory detail might be regarded by another as information overload.

If there is ever anything you want to understand that you do not feel we have communicated clearly, please tell us. We are in the business not only of providing clients with financial security but of giving them confidence that they matter and are well taken care of.

Transparency is an important core value to us here at Prest. Being totally clear and open in all out communications with clients is our aim.

Please note that although Financial Conduct Authority regulates advice relating to the investments and financial products mentioned above it does not regulate tax advice.

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