Chief Executive’s blog April 2019

Prest's core values: Integrity

Graham Prest, Chief Executive, Prest Financial PlanningIn my last blog I wrote about Prest’s primary core value, which is “family”. This time I want to concentrate on another value that underlies everything we do as a firm: “integrity”.

We summarise this value in the following way: “We are committed to bringing the highest standards of trust, professionalism and knowledge to bear in our work and put our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do.”

Putting our clients’ interests first is key to our culture. It is most neatly summed up in the “Mum/Dad” test I outlined in my previous blog about our family ethos: would we do the same thing as we are recommending if the client was our own mother or father?

It also means that whenever we are considering changes to our process or service the first things we ask are, “How will this benefit our clients?” or, “What impact will this have on our clients?”

Integrity is also about our commitment to the highest standards of trust, professionalism and knowledge. This is vital because no firm can act in clients’ best interests unless it has the technical ability and experience to know what those best interests are, and how best to serve them.

This is one of the key reasons we are committed to staff development and to supporting our team to add to their qualifications, which they have consistently done year after year.

It is also why we feel it is so important to be a firm of Chartered Financial Planners.

Maintaining our Chartered status is a serious undertaking that requires us to prove every year that we continue to meet a strict set of standards. These include demonstrating the highest levels of professional knowledge and ethical behaviour.

We are also happy to stand up and be judged by our industry peers. In this respect we were proud once again to have recently been listed in the New Model Adviser magazine Top 100 IFA UK firms, inclusion in which involved opening our business up to detailed journalistic scrutiny.

The majority of our clients live in our local area and we rely on them becoming advocates for Prest Financial Planning, and recommending us, for a large proportion of our new clients. Having the highest level of integrity means that many of our clients are happy to recommend us frequently to their friends, family and colleagues.

We have to be confident we can always look our clients, and their families, in the eye and know we have done the right thing in all our dealings with them. That is what integrity means to Prest Financial Planning.

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