Our values

Prest Financial Planning's core values

Prest Financial Planning has five core values, each of which affects every aspect of the way we conduct ourselves in relation to clients, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and contact with the wider community. Chief among these values is “family”.

These are our core values:

Family – we value clients, staff and business partners as members of the wider Prest family and treating everyone with whom we deal as an individual with their own aspirations, values and goals. We treat everybody as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Integrity – we are committed to bringing the highest standards of trust, professionalism and knowledge to bear in our work and put our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do.

Transparency – we are determined to be easy to do business with and to ensure that our dealings with clients are always as straightforward and as simple to understand as possible.

Discipline – by applying keen diligence to everything we do we are able to “go the extra mile”, exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Action – we are committed to building an even more successful business, setting ambitious targets for future growth and carrying out the necessary activity to meet and exceed these targets.