Month: June 2018

Understanding the family home inheritance tax allowance

In his summer Budget of 2015 the then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced a measure that will allow many couples to bequeath up to £1 million to their heirs without their bequests being subject to Inheritance Tax (IHT). The mechanism by which this is being implemented is the family home allowance or, to

Introducing… Joe Rose

At work When did you join Prest? I joined Prest in September 2015, after several years at a national life office and a bank before that. What is your role here? I’m a Chartered Financial Planner How would you explain what you do for a living to an eight-year-old? The same way I explain it

What do we mean by investment “risk”?

Investment “risk” is a term that is used more widely than it is understood. A common-sense definition of the word would, for most people, be the chance that they might lose money. In investment terms, however, it usually refers to volatility – how much an asset may be expected to fall or rise in value

Case study: a recent final salary pension transfer enquiry

The value of financial planning advice often manifests itself in what clients don’t do as a result. By getting to really understand a client’s circumstances and priorities we are able to help them make decisions that may not be those they expected to make, but which are in their best interests and they will feel