Year: 2015

‘Black Monday’

This is our view of the markets given the current high levels of volatility. Around March / April markets reached their peak and have since then declined around 5% during the Spring/Summer on the back of the Greek debt crisis. Markets lurched up or down 2-3% on a regular basis during this period.  The most

Pension Freedom

Pension Freedom Article – April 15 With the new pension changes having been implemented we have produced a summary of options and things to consider. Please click on the article above.

Transferrable personal allowances

In the Autumn Statement 2013, the Chancellor announced that from April 2015 it will be possible to transfer up to 10% of your unused personal allowance to a spouse or civil partner.  This amount will be £1,060 following the uplift in the standard personal allowance from April 2015 to £10,600.  The transferred personal allowance will